Triple J Seems To Have Chosen Violence By Dragging Every Aussie Over 25 In One Single Tweet

triple j tweet

Good afternoon. I know times may be tough and everything feels like it’s crumbling around us, but at least we have the youth broadcaster in these trying times, right? Wrong! This morning some monster at Triple J woke up and chose violence, and now we all have to feel worse for it. Yay!

This morning Triple J, who we all know and love, decided to take a swing at everyone over the age of 25, wounding them in the process. Friends at the Triple J social media team, I have many questions: first of all, how dare you?

The tweet in question has a crack at all of us who have aged out of the youth radio station’s target demographic, and utilises a relatively new meme format that will no doubt disappear within a week like the others.

“Did it hurt? When you aged out of the youth radio station?” Triple J wrote.


And it’s not just our feelings that have been yeeted into the ether by whoever chose chaos for breakfast this morning over at the Triple J studios, with lots of people serving it right back at them.

Go for the jugular, why don’t you Triple J. Really hit us while we’re down.

The ‘did it hurt?’ meme format is one that only really took off at the end of July, so you’d be safe in saying you had no clue it was even a thing happening online.

It’s a play on the classic pick-up line ‘did it hurt? when you fell from heaven?’ and it’s already produced some hot stuff (which doesn’t hurt our feelings as much as the Triple J variant).

The tweet template began in July with this tweet here from *checks notes* @bratzcokeden.

Following this meme, everyone and their nonna decided to jump on the bandwagon and have a crack at whipping up something funny for internet clout. That’s the way it always goes, and I am truly not surprised.

Throw in some astrology references and you’ve got a variation of this meme for everyone.

Nobody loses out here! (Except for creative writing majors).

Heck, even your old high school friend SparkNotes jumped in on the friend with a rather intellectual version of the meme.

That my friends, is when you know a meme is on its last legs.

Sure, as much as I appreciate Triple J jumping in on the trend while its hot, did they have to go in on us so heavily?