Nah He Tweakin: An Explainer On This Hyper Viral Meme & How It’s Linked To Tony Hawk’s Blood

nah he tweakin tony hawk lil nas x

Ahhh, the internet. Cesspool of depravity, goldmine of memery, and general den of chaos and calamity. You truly never know what is going to appear next, as it always keeps you guessing. Today, I have another meme to explain my friends, and it involves the blood of Tony Hawk, Lil Nas X and the phrase ‘nah he tweakin’.

So who exactly is he? Why is he tweakin? Is he okay? Does he need to get that checked out at the doctor? What the fuck is going on?

Our story starts with Tony Hawk, pro skater, who in a partnership with canned-water company Liquid Death (you really can’t make this shit up) decided to release a limited-edition collection of 100 skateboards, each containing a “vial’s worth” of his blood.

They went for $500 a board, and were aptly titled the Liquid Death Skateboards. Get it, cause blood is like liquid death… and it’s also the brand’s name? If one can’t laugh at these things, they’ll cry!

Moving on to Twitter, where all internet fuckery festers and brews. Seeing this product, rapper Lil Nas X tweeted his dismay, because you might remember that he caught a fuck tonne of flack after trying to sell 666 pairs of satanic-themed shoes with human blood in them.

“Are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes? And maybe u were made for some other reason?” he tweeted.

The discourse is valid, as Hawk’s skateboards depict a cartoon man with a bloody axe and two eyeballs as tiddies carrying a vulture skull and a can of water for a head, and yet, not a peep from the bible-loving naysayers that grouped up against Lil Nas X. My money’s on racism.

Moving along to Instagram, as what is a piece of classic internet drama without every single social media playing a part, right?

Hip-hop news page @rap (great job seizing that username, I must say) posted about Hawk selling the blood boards, because naturally it’s an odd piece of news that deserves a write-up or two.

In comes Lil Nas X with a glorious three-word comment, which has already received over 77k likes. “Nah he tweakin,” words only a god could whisper. Alas, mere mortals are the only characters at play here.

The sentence basically means “yeah he’s crazy” or “yeah he’s definitely fkn high” and was probably used as sarcasm to mimic the response to his satan shoes. Look, I hate explaining slang as much as the next person, but I have to do it, for you.

tony hawk lil nas x nah he tweakin

Of course, the internet is nothing if not an echo chamber full of energetic parrots, and so everyone has taken this three-word sentence and has continuously posted it in every comments section on Instagram that they can.

Are they real? Are they bots? Who cares, they’re all fkn annoying.

And for the record, this image below was grabbed from the comments section on a meme about Cars 3. Shit’s everywhere, I tell you.

nah he tweakin

The issue has become so egregious that some people are complaining to Instagram about not even being able to load their comments and seeing an unnatural amount of “nah he tweakin” comments.

Instagram assures us that they’re on the case.

In the meantime, everyone is having fun with the meme while it lasts (I give it a week, tops) including Aussie comedy news site the Betoota Advocate.

Honestly, good on them for assuming a bunch of Aussies has any fucking clue about what “nah he tweakin” means and the background behind it.

And now, to wash away all the sins of this rather ridiculous trend, some memes.

Glorious, glorious memes.

If you need me, don’t. I need to lay down. This whole thing has me tweakin.