Triple J’s Ange McCormack Blasted Scott Morrison In An Interview & Said What We’re All Thinking

Scott Morrison

Triple J’s Ange McCormack absolutely went to town on Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Hack today, grilling him on everything from the bungled vaccine rollout to people on Youth Allowance being unable to access COVID disaster payments.

On Thursday, McCormack (who actually used to work for P.TV) asked Scott Morrison when young people could expect to be vaccinated with Pfizer. He skirted around the question (of course) and the Triple J host had to repeatedly remind the PM to answer the question directly.

Morrison said we can expect those vaccines to be available “in September …when it’s designed for people under 40.” He also mentioned that people could still get AstraZeneca, even though it is not the recommended vaccine for under 60s.

“Right now, they [young people] can get vaccinated right now with AstraZeneca,” Morrison said.

“Right now, the AstraZeneca vaccine is approved by the TGA.”

However, the PM did admit that he was “not happy” with the state of the vaccine rollout and that we are actually “two months behind where [the government] had planned to be.”

“I’m not happy with where we are right now. That’s why we turned it around in the last couple of months,” he said.

“That’s why I brought in Lieutenant General John Frewen.

McCormack also grilled the PM on why people on Youth Allowance and other government support payments are not eligible for COVID disaster payments when many of them have lost their incomes too.

Just FYI: The amount Youth Allowance pays per fortnight varies based on individual circumstances, but according to Service NSW, the rate per fortnight for independent young people is $512.

A listener told McCormack she was making “$250 a week” on Youth Allowance and when asked whether $250 a week was a liveable wage, Morrison simply dodged the question.

Instead he insisted that the payments weren’t designed to replace someone’s income and ultimately that’s what happens during a lockdown.

The Triple J host also asked the PM about the country’s climate change targets, including when we plan on hitting net zero emissions. Again, he couldn’t answer, but patted himself on the back for Australia’s high number of rooftop solar panels *sighs*.

Honestly good on Ange for handling that interview so well, I would’ve just called Scotty a flog and hung up the phone.

Listen to the full interview below: