With over 13 million people under lockdown in Australia, and NSW recording a surge of new COVID cases today, well… things are Not Good. And by Not Good, I mean I am totally spiralling and feel like we are never going to crawl out of this COVID-19 hell-hole of a lockdown. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

SO. To curb my anxiety and potentially help end this lockdown, I decided to get the AstraZeneca vaccine (since as a healthy young person, I’m not eligible for Pfizer). And, as it turns out, it’s actually really fkn easy to book it.

If you’re also feeling the urge to get vaxxed during this pandemic, here’s a handy guide on how I did it – and it’ll only take you a few minutes.

Step 1: Go to Service NSW

So, I didn’t actually know how to book my vaccination, and literally just googled “book vaccination.” But hey, that worked, and I found the relevant Service NSW. I’ll save you the trouble of searching for it: just click here. And, don’t worry if you aren’t from NSW – it supports other states too (I tested it with Victoria and it worked just fine).

Step 2: Fill out the relevant information

AstraZeneca questionnaire

Once you click ‘book vaccination’, you’ll be taken through a quick questionnaire just to make sure you can actually get the vaccine.

It’ll ask you about your age, what state you’re from, if you want to consider getting the AstraZeneca vaccine (choose YES), and then if you have certain medical conditions that would prevent you from getting the jab. Assuming you don’t, choose ‘NO’, fill out whether you have Medicare, and voilà – you’re now ready to book your vaccination! Click the ‘make a booking’ button, and then you’re almost done.

book your jab

Step 3: Book your AstraZeneca jab!

The button you clicked will take you to a page that lists local medical clinics administering the jab – just enter your postcode or suburb. FYI: you actually don’t need to get the jab from your personal GP – it can be literally any GP, they just have to make sure you understand the risks and sign an indemnity form before they vaccinate you.

The website will also tell you when your local clinics have a slot open – I literally chose the first clinic on the list because it was closest to me and said it could have me vaccinated within two days. It took me to the Health Engine page for that clinic, I filled out my personal information, picked a time slot, and was all booked in!

Health Engine emailed me a little pre-screening form afterwards that took me like 30 seconds to fill out, just confirming I didn’t have any of the medical circumstances that would make AstraZeneca dangerous for me.

That’s it folks! That’s all it takes to book your jab. I’m now getting my first shot in two days, and the entire process, from start to finish, took me about seven minutes. Hopefully if enough of us get vaccinated, our lockdowns will be over super quickly too.