After yesterday’s first day of the Triple J requests week really showing the absolutely cooked colours of Australia’s youth, I’m very happy to report that it has only gotten more chaotic. Thank you for this, it’s a real bloody treat I tell ya what.

It was clearly wildly naive to think that Day One would be any kind of sense to how the whole week will play out, because Triple J has clearly thrown out the requests rule book and leaned right into the pandemonium. I mean, they played the whole of John Cena‘s entrance music at dinner time on Monday night.

Incredible. Fantastic areas.

triple j requestival
I felt the shockwave of this shakas ripple across the country.

The aura of Lawless Super Request kicked back up again bright and early this morning, with the radio station getting everyone all razzed up straight out of bed with some Earth, Wind & Fire and a bit of ‘Inspector Norse‘ from Todd Terje. You know the one. It’s like hooking a coffee right into your veins.

Today’s soundtrack has already featured The Black Eyes PeasCardi B and Slayer, all before midday.

And no, you didn’t accidentally knock your radio to the legends over at ABC Classical, the national youth broadcaster definitely did play Beethoven‘s Symphony No.5 in C minor at 10am this morning.

Oh, and this absolutely cursed song that made me yell at my radio immediately.

God. Damn. Scatman.

Although the programming is all requests from 6am to 9pm every day this week, the Triple J hosts have been issuing Requests Challenges. This morning Sally & Erica wanted to know what song you played when you went on your very first solo drive. And that, I think, is how we got Ladyhawke and ‘La Luh‘ from Choomba in the same day.

This arvo from 3pm, Hobba & Hing want your love song requests. This is beautiful. This is how radio should always be.

And with Reconciliation Week kicking off on Wednesday, the gals have challenged listeners to request their favourite tracks by indigenous artists. I swear to God if I don’t hear ‘Down River‘ by Wilcannia Mob I’ll be very disappointed.

Until then, I highly suggest you tune the fuck in. I mean, they just played RuPaul and then into Britney Spears‘ ‘Gimme More‘. And I’m sure Mama Ru is smiling and listening while she counts her money at her fracking site luxurious home.

Image: Twitter / @triplejplays / Tumblr / jake-clark