Triple J Unveils 25 Under 25

The media consensus reads something like this: young people are fucked and Planet Earth is doomed. Too busy sexting each other and stalking Justin Bieber’s luscious mane and refusing to partake in anything which requires commitment or conviction. Sure, why not? But despite the fact that youth-centric trend pieces are inane, speculative and cobbled together using weak anecdotal evidence, Gen Y’s function as the scapegoat for every problem a disgruntled boomer could possibly think of might actually be justified. I mean, have you seen Skins and/or tried to get a young person to do something which has no immediate benefit to their Facebook profile? And won’t somebody please think of the economy? But if there’s one thing that’ll infuriate middle-aged hacks more than the entitled, underachieving youth of today – it’s the super talented, overachieving youth of today because inadequacy is far harder to grapple with than fury and ain’t that a bitch.

To wit, Triple J have unveiled their locals only 25 Under 25, a compendium of young Australians “smashing it” (their words, not ours) in business, politics, industrial design, photography and the marginalized art of competitive trampolining? Get acquainted with the future leaders of Australia here.

Image via Nirrimi Photography