Travis Barker Is Pissed Off That Fans Think Kourtney & Kim Are Feuding Bc Of His Infamous Crush

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Travis Barker has slammed speculation that his previous feelings for Kim Kardashian have something to do with her feud with his now-wife, Kourtney Kardashian. Messy.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Barker said it was “ridiculous” of fans to believe such rumours and implied that no one knows the full story.

“You give people a little information and they think they’ve solved the mystery of ‘this is why they’re fighting.’ It’s just so ridiculous,” he said.

“It’s like, ‘Kourtney’s fans are worried about Travis. He’s a womaniser.’ Stop it.

“I obviously shared all that stuff because I wanted to move past it,” he said.

“It was therapeutic for me.”

If you’re wondering about what all this is about, Barker’s former “crush” on Kim is a well documented one, especially considering he admitted all the drama himself — and it’s coming back to bite him as the feud between Kim and Kourtney itensifies.

Barker revealed in his memoir Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums that he used to be really into Kim, who he pursued for some time before it eventually went nowhere.

“I don’t care if she’s the closet girl, she’s fucking hot,” he said about her upon their first meeting in 2006, when Kim was still working for Paris Hilton (who he was dating at the time). He said that despite being with Hilton, he would constantly be “secretly checking out” Kim.

He also called her “eye candy”, and revealed they would talk and go out to dinner while he was on the rocks with ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

However, Barker claims he and Kim never went beyond the talking-stage.

“You might think I would be doing the worst things with this girl because of her tapes, but it was the exact opposite of any other encounter I’ve had with a woman: with Kim, I wanted to be nothing but a gentleman to her,” he wrote.

“It was so weird.”


“We’d be really sweet around each other, like little kids, and then when we were apart, she’d call me and say, ‘I want to see you again,’” he wrote, adding that he’d respond, “‘Me too.’”

Around the same time, Barker bought a house in Calabasas in 2007 — right near Kim.

It was speculated for some time that he moved so close to her because of his feelings for her, though the Kardashian family claims he actually always wanted to be near Kourtney… even though at the time, it was Kim he was speaking to. Hmm.

Fast forward more than a decade, and Barker ended up dating and marrying Kourtney, who has always had a bit of a spiky relationship with Kim.

The sisters are known for getting into altercations on their reality show, but things have seemed particularly tense between the two lately, and fans have speculated this is because Kourtney feels second to Kim, or like she lives in her shadow — which, if true, would not be helped by Barker wanting Kim first.

Now look, we don’t actually know these people, no matter what we think — and we all know Kris Jenner works harder than the devil to keep this family living rent free in our minds. So sure, maybe the only real thing about these rumours is that we can’t stop thinking about them.

I have to say though, if I found out my husband used to be in love with my older, more popular sister, who I constantly fight with… I would lose my shit.