A TikToker Was Booted Out Of Woolies Bc She Was Being A Total Fuckwit In-Store For Content

A gal on TikTok was reportedly booted from her local Woolworths in Melbourne because she got busted chucking around groceries while filming a video in the bread aisle. Clean up in aisle canceled content!

According to Daily Mail Australia, Elle Brooks and her mate were filming themselves dancing in the sliced wholemeal and snacks section of a Woolies store in a now-deleted video.

They stepped on boxes full of food as one of them allegedly threw a box of cereal over their shoulder. It landed in another aisle.

tiktoker melbourne woolworths
One of the women appeared to throw a box of cereal over their shoulder in the video. (Source: TikTok via Daily Mail Australia)

It’s unclear if the flying box of cereal hit anyone. But RIP to the poor shopper whacked by an incoming box of dry Weet-Bix if it did. Those breakfast bricks pack a mighty punch.

Brooks confirmed that she and her friend had been yeeted from the supermarket.

“Got kicked out of Woolworths for this,” she said in the TikTok caption.

Woolworths is yet to release an official statement on the incident at the time of writing.

I’m at two minds with this story.

Who hasn’t been kicked out of an establishment for being a complete moron with their friends? I was once booted out of a famous costume store in Sydney because my friend and I kept pointing at skeletons and shouting “bone!” in our best impressions of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Captain Raymond Holt (Andrew Braugher).

But stepping on products and literally chucking them around shows a complete lack of respect for not only other customers but the staff who work there. Not to mention the fact those groceries likely would have had to be thrown away. Real cool behaviour when we’re facing food supply chain issues and we’re still in a literal pandemic.

That’s particularly in poor taste because supermarket employees were some of the first people hit by the Omicron pandemic.

In semi-related news, a Sydney couple found a fkn alive redback spider in a punnet of grapes they bought from their local Woolies. One half of the couple Phil Bonjovi told 9News.com.au that he scored the arachnoid from a store in north-west Sydney in late January.

The national supermarket chain also recently fired an employee before his first shift after he revealed in a Facebook post he was anti-vax. Please gather around the fresh fruit and vege section with us and enjoy the full story of the bloke getting served instant karma.