Few things bring me satisfaction like instant karma, so imagine my joy when I came across this riveting tale of what appears to be an anti-vaxxer getting fired from their new job at Woolies — before they had even clocked on for their first shift.

Picture this: you’ve nailed an interview, you’ve just been offered a job, and now all you need is proof you’re jabbed. Instead, you seek a dodgy vaccine exemption so you can pretend you have a legit reason for not being fully vaccinated by now, two years into a global pandemic, for a job that requires it.

According to screenshots posted to Twitter by @aus_forum, this is what apparently happened to someone called Alex — who secured a job at Woolies and, being unvaccinated, found themselves in a tough spot indeed.

“Admin please delete if not permitted,” Alex wrote in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

“Is there a priest in Mildura who can fill in a Covid vaccine religious exemption form for me so I can start work with Woolies, they will accept a signed form which I will provide in advance.”

Hmmm. Definitely sounds like something you should already have if you are actually not vaccinated for religious reasons.

Unfortunately for Alex, the shady post was detected by the karmic gods themselves, who delivered the goods in real time in the form of a Woolies manager seeing the post. And not just any Woolies manager. THE Woolies manager.

woolies anti-vaxxer

“Hello Alex, I am the store manager for Woolworths who interviewed you this morning,” the manager wrote in what I can only perceive as incredibly menacing energy.

“You claimed you had a medical exemption, clearly this is not true. Consider the job offer withdrawn, we will contact you directly.”

If I was Alex my soul would have instantly left my body. There’s no coming back from such public humiliation.

Serves them right though — just get fucking vaccinated mate. No medical exemption, no excuse.