Brisbane Influencer Tammy Hembrow Fires Back Following Accusations That She’s An Anti-Vaxxer

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Tammy Hembrow has set the record straight following allegations that she’s an anti-vaxxer.

It all started when one of Tammy’s fans commented on her latest YouTube video, asking her to share her opinions on the vaccine.

“What are your thoughts on COVID and the vaccine? Genuinely curious,” the fan asked.

“Unfortunately she is anti-vaxxer,” another fan responded. “[She’s besties with anti-vax influencer] Chloe Szepanowski and Mitchell Orval. That’s why she has kept quiet when everyone else has spoken out.”

Tammy fired back at the comment, writing: “I’m booked in to get it. Two weeks. I’m not nor have I ever been anti-vax.”

Aussie Influencer Opinions shared the screenshots on her Instagram Story and wrote, “Tammy Hembrow has confirmed that she is booked in to get her vaccinations and she is anti-vax!”

“Original comment wasn’t fair to assume she’s anti-vax simply because she is friends with Mitch Orval and Chloe Szep.”

Aussie Influencer Opinions is on a full-blown crusade against anti-vaxxer influencers at the moment, including the aforementioned Chloe Szep.

She’s called out the controversial influencer in a series of posts for supporting the anti-lockdown protests, sharing COVID conspiracy theories and spreading anti-vaxxer nonsense.

“Someone who is an ‘advocate’ for health and well-being” who supports the protests “doesn’t sit right with me at all,” Aussie Influencer Opinions wrote on Instagram.

She also clued folks in to the fact that Chloe Szep follows some very questionable hashtags, including #truthseekers (a hashtag for anti-vaxxer and COVID conspiracy theories) and #spaceisfake (a hashtag for bogus shit like anti-climate change posts, flat earth theories, etc).

In her return spiel, Aussie Influencer Opinions wrote: “I have unfollowed ‘influencers’ from my personal account, as I felt like they weren’t adding any personal value to my feed and what I want to be consuming online. Now, I am here to support the positive and call out the bullshit.”

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