Bachie Flog / Anti-Vaxxer Bill Goldsmith Posted Then Swiftly Deleted A Fake Vax Passport On IG

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Bill Goldsmith, the bloke who made an absolute dick of himself on The Bachelorette and then even more so post-Bachie by spouting anti-vaxxer BS, has shared a fake vaccine passport on social media, just for shits and gigs. Real funny bloke, this one.

The controversial reality star bragged about allegedly finding a doctor who would give him a “fake vaccine passport for a small fee” a while back, Daily Mail Australia reports.

Bill Goldsmith bragged about the fake vaccine passport

When asked on Instagram recently if he’ll be getting the vaccine so that he could travel, he responded: “I’ll buy a boat and sail to where I want to go,” adding: “Nah, there will be a black market for false vaccine passports or whatever you call them.”

Then on Monday, Bill Goldsmith told his followers that he had succeeded in procuring a fake vaccine passport.

He dropped a screenshot on Instagram of what appeared to be his immunisation history on the Medicare app, which claimed that he had received two does of the Pfizer vaccine, despite the fact that he’s refusing to get vaccinated because, as stated earlier, he’s an anti-vaxxer flog.

Bill Goldsmith posted a fake vaccine passport

The fake vaccine passport wasn’t up for long before Bill Goldsmith decided to scrub it off Instagram, but not before the screenshot started doing the rounds online.

Speaking to the DM, Bill Goldsmith said the fake certificate was meant as a joke and he didn’t want people to take it seriously.

“I took a screenshot and changed the name on it as a joke,” he said.

The publication pointed out that the photoshop job was dodgy as fuck and there are a number of inaccuracies that made it clear from the get-go that he’s full of shit.

First of all, part of the watermark had been scrubbed off in the top left-hand corner. The quality of the font and print changes throughout the document, plus the idiot forgot to make his first name all caps.

Oh, and he also put down the wrong date of birth which, I mean, how the fuck d’ya get that one wrong?

Another huge fail for the anti-vaxxer community.

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