Scott Morrison Was Caught On Cam Trying To Gaslight The Nation Into Thinking He Does His Job

scott morrison gaslighting video comments
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was caught on camera gaslighting the nation and the video will leave you boiling with rage.

Morrison claimed to reporters in Western Australia over the weekend Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese had “gone into hiding”. Albanese hadn’t publicly commented on the allegations senior Labor Party members bullied the late Labor Senator Kimberly Kitching. That alone was pretty fkn rich to come from Mr. Hawai Five-O.

But he then said Albanese vanished from the public eye whenever things got difficult. It’s quite literally what Morrison has done on several occasions since he was elected in as Prime Minister.

We can all see through your bullshit here, Scottie Gaslight McGee Morrison.

“As Prime Minister, as you know, I am regularly in front of you and I deal with the hard questions that are put to me and all the many issues we’ve had to deal with over many, many years,” he said via the ABC.

“[Alabanese] can’t just dismiss away hard issues. That’s not what Prime Ministers do.”


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Bro, what the fuck are you saying? Do you hear yourself? Are you not embarrassed? Are you not embarrazzed?

In case you forgot, Scott Morrison fucked off to Hawaii when the country was on fire. He said he deeply regretted the harm he caused by taking holiday leave at the time. But then he played the ukulele in a 60 Minutes special.

He took weeks to respond to the horrific floods in New South Wales and Queensland even though he was reportedly warned about them late last year. He was accused of delaying a relief package for flood victims because he was busy cAmPaIgNing in WA for an election he hasn’t even called yet. Lismore locals then drove 700km to dump a fuckload of flood-damaged crap in his front yard on Monday.

He hid behind his wife Jenny Morrison in a 60 Minutes special when he was asked questions about the alleged sexual harassment culture in Parliament. He issued a public apology to sexual harassment victims in February 2022. But Brittany Higgins first alleged she had been raped in Parliament by a colleague a full year prior.

You cannot make this shit up. Morrison has shown that he has done the exact opposite of showing up and handling these issues. He’s fled.

Seeing Scott Morrison claim this week he has been there for us all is infuriating. Remember this shit when you go and vote in the Federal Election. Comments like this prove he is banking on us forgetting all the shit he’s done. But trust we won’t let that happen.