Lismore Locals Drove 700km To Dump A Fuckload Of Flood-Damaged Crap In The PM’s Front Yard

lismore flood protest scott morrison kirribilli house

Protestors have dumped a truckload of flood-damaged crap from Lismore’s devastating floods at the front gates of Kirribilli house to send a message to Scott Morrison about climate change.

Per the Australian Associated Press (AAP), a group of pissed off residents arrived in Sydney on Monday morning with a truck full of wrecked furniture, bits of houses and children’s toys. When the truck was reportedly stopped by federal police at the top of Kirribilli Avenue and denied access closer to the house, protesters carried the damaged items to the front gates of the Prime Minster’s Sydney home.

The group drove down from the flood-ravaged Northern Rivers to protest against the Federal Government’s inaction on the climate crisis and dragged the debris of the recent “mega flood” some 700km to demand answers.

Kudra Ricketts, 24, told the AAP that Morrison’s recent trip to the flood-affected region was nothing more than a press tour and didn’t allow residents to say their piece to the PM.

“Scott Morrison came to Lismore and refused to speak to us. He snuck in through the backdoor and had a curated experience,” she said.

“None of us are safe from the effects of climate change while our government continues to … subsidise fossil fuel companies.

“What’s happened to my community is just going to happen to more communities.”

Another Lismore resident Kate Stroud told the ABC that she just wants Morrison to understand the turmoil the Northern Rivers community has been through in the wake of the floods.

“I want him [Scott Morrison] to understand the level of loss our community has been through,” she said.

“Imagine piles 50 times this size outside every house.”

Morrison visited Lismore in early March to “assess the damage” caused by the floods. It involved a drive through the town with appearances at the Norco ice cream factory and the emergency operations centre at the town’s council chambers.

There was a strict no-photos rule and he didn’t stop to speak to locals (or force a handshake).

The government was briefed in late 2021 by the Bureau of Meteorology and emergency experts about the high risk of flooding catastrophes in New South Wales and Queensland. Morrison said the brief didn’t suggest the country would experience the extreme level of flooding that we actually saw.