The PM Has Been Accused Of Delaying Flood Funds To Campaign For The Election He Hasn’t Called

scott morrison accused of delaying nsw flood relief

New South Wales Government officials have accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of delaying flood relief plans so he can campaign for the federal election.

VICE reported on Thursday the Federal Government and New South Wales State Government were planning a relief package for the communities affected by the horrific flood disaster in New South Wales.

The package was reportedly worth nearly $1.4 billion and would have potentially supported up to 100,000 households. Renters in the region would have received $5000 under the scheme. Homeowners would have received $10,000.

State government officials reportedly stayed up till 3AM on Wednesday to finalise it before Premier Dominic Perrottet’s seventh child was born.

One government official told VICE they were “desperate to announce it” but that it would likely not come out for days.

Why? Because Scott Morrison hadn’t signed off on it yet.

“We’re just standing around here like idiots with our arms crossed, while thousands of people have just lost their entire lives, and are sleeping in fucking tents,” the state government official said.

“We have no idea what’s going on. We’re literally just sitting here waiting for the feds.

“We’re desperate to announce it, but I can tell you, it isn’t going to happen today. And, of course, we’ll be the ones who cop it.”

Morrison spent the past three days campaigning in Western Australia for the federal election in May. It’s ironic because I highly doubt it helped his chances of getting re-elected if the claims he’s delaying help to solve the biggest issue in Australia this month are true.

A spokesperson for the PM told the ABC on Wednesday the feds “hope to finalise the details of the additional support very shortly”.

A bit like how I hope to finalise the details of the additional support regarding the dirty mugs in my sharehouse kitchen sink.

The Prime Minister has not publicly responded to these claims.

Emergency service experts said on Monday they warned the Morrison government about the flood disaster late last year. But the federal government chose to do fuck all about it.