Rose Hanbury Has Addressed Rumours She Had An Affair With Prince William For The First Time

The Kate Middleton saga has taken another dramatic turn, with Lady Rose Hanbury finally speaking out on a supposed affair with Prince William.

Following months out of action that was only worsened by a photoshop mishap, online theorists have speculated that there is more to Middleton’s absence from public life than just recovery from surgery.

While Kensington Palace says she will be back by Easter, many have speculated that her absence is due to William’s rumoured affair, with others claiming that the sudden interest of British tabloids on Hanbury is because they are “laying the groundwork”.

Kensington Palace declined to comment, however Hanbury, through her lawyers, told Business Insider that “the rumours are completely false.”

I guess that’s settled then.

Rose Hanbury has denied the rumours. Image: Getty.

Speculation over such a relationship isn’t new, having first surfaced back in 2019 when The Sun reported on a rumoured fallout between Middleton and Hanbury. The article also claimed that Middleton asked William to have her “phased out” of their social life.

The article no longer appears online and didn’t mention the exact cause of the supposed fallout.

No further articles appeared on the rumours, which led to the Daily Beast reporting that the palace had threatened legal action against publications that covered it. Despite this, the rumours mostly died down, until a major resurgence earlier this month.

For now though, the rumours remain just that — rumours. The royals have a longstanding PR campaign of “never complain, never explain”, so it’s unlikely we’ll hear more from them any time soon. Given Middleton was also reportedly seen on a farm over the weekend, surely the online sleuths will allow all of this to be put to bed.

Okay, somehow I doubt that. For the Palace PR team, Easter can’t come soon enough.