Ah, So Prince William Can Silence Affair Rumours But Meghan Should Just Deal With Actual Racism


Prince William is trending on Twitter after a journo called out the UK media’s protective treatment of him over his alleged affair with Rose Hanbury, an actual potential scandal, vs how they’ve repeatedly attacked Meghan Markle for literally everything.

Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden tweeted on Wednesday that Prince Harry and Markle’s accusations of racism within the family put its members in danger. 

“I genuinely worry that Prince Harry and #Meghan‘s criticism of unnamed ‘racist’ royals has increased the danger of attacks on the #Royal Family. Security needs to be stepped up as a result,” Eden wrote.

This came literally while a US jury was deliberating Ghislaine Maxwell’s guilty verdict in relation to sex trafficking charges. Maxwell is a long-time friend of Prince Andrew, so this has been a PR nightmare for the Royals to say the least.

Independent UK journalist Alex Tiffin retweeted Eden, pointing out the glaring double standards for members of the royal family.

He wrote: “Deputy Editor of race baiting newspaper trying to divert attention from the huge L in court.

“Also, I’d rather the media just named Prince William as the person in question, instead of pussy footing about it, like they did his affair with the Rose lassie.”

The thread continued: “Multiple UK news outlets have had evidence of the affair and his other comments, some even spoke of them on this site before legal threats saw them delete.

“A Royal shouldn’t be afforded extra protection from scrutiny than any other public figure.

“Journalists report, not handle.”

Twitter has since been flooded with comments criticising the media’s protection of William and Andrew while Meghan has been attacked from every angle for years.

“The  reporters should focus on the #PrinceWilliamAffair and the #PrinceAndrew sex crimes trial.  Those are the ACTUAL royal scandals,” one tweeted.

“So, #PrinceWilliam is trending, with accusations of extramarital affairs which have allegedly long been common knowledge in tabloid circles.

“If this is true, it makes their constant attacks on Meghan even more despicable than they already are,” another wrote.

Rumours of Prince William’s affair first surfaced in 2019, with claims that he had cheated on Kate Middleton during her pregnancy with their third child.

William immediately denied the claims and took legal action against the publication who first covered the news, In Touch Magazine. He threatened to sue any other outlets that published these “false” claims.

This is not the first time royals have threatened to silence the media.

In 2012 Kate successfully sued a French magazine after it published topless photos of her.

In 2016, Harry went after The Star for publishing rumours of an affair with Pippa Middleton.

But at the same time William was threatening injunctions for his own cheating rumours, Markle was told to keep quiet and not respond to any media claims about her.

Fingers crossed this is the uprising Meghan deserves — we love to see all this support — but pro-monarchy supporters are also coming out in droves with the hashtag #PrinceWilliamIsKing, calling for support for him.

I guess it’s foolish to hope for change from this fam.