Australian News Corp columnist Miranda Devine has graduated from hot takes on bullied children to claiming US President Donald Trump is himself the victim of unfair treatment, saying the chair he was provided at a recent Q-and-A event was far too small for his mighty ass.

On a recent broadcast with Fox News ghoul Tucker Carlson, Devine claimed that Trump, who last week participated in a town hall event moderated by NBC anchor Savannah Guthrie, was predestined for failure.

“That debate last week with Susannah Guthrie was a joke, it was a disgrace,” Devine said.

“She just spent the entire time badgering him. And it was a set-up from the start. He was sitting on a tiny little plastic stool which could hardly fit half a buttock, let alone a whole one, and he was uncomfortable the whole time.”

Footage from the event shows Trump on a raised stool identical to the one provided to Guthrie.

Trump, who sports a robust figure and stands around 190cm tall, leaned on one knee for much of the broadcast; he is also a 74-year-old man who revealed his coronavirus diagnosis not even a month ago, so some visible discomfort at anything other than an ICU bed could be expected.

However, claiming the seat was deliberately too small for his presidential cake is an extremely bold assessment, even for Devine, whose other pro-Trump claims have stunned Carlson’s Fox News colleagues.

Trump’s dump truck may again become a point on contention during the second and final presidential debate, which is slated to occur on Thursday, US time.

However, it will hardly be the most notable element of the face-off, with his contender, Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden, saying he won’t participate in the face-to-face discussion unless Trump tests negative to COVID-19 in the hours beforehand.

With the November 3 election rapidly approaching, onlookers can expect that showdown to be even more chaotic than last month’s shitshow.

Hopefully it’s organised in a way that largely avoids discussion of Trump’s caboose.

Image: CNBC / YouTube