Miranda Devine Says Donald Trump Is Actually A Very Handsome Boy In Person

Happy Friday! Miranda Devine has returned from covering Malcolm Turnbull‘s visit to the the White House, and is here with the facts: Donald Trump is a much more handsome boy in person.

Speaking to Sky News last night, she said that Trump is “taller, slimmer and better-looking in real life.”

While Trump has long been known for his curiously orange skin, quiff gelled down like Lego hair, and blotchy skin that looks like it’s three days late to the morgue, Devine reckons he’s actually very normal in the flesh.

“He didn’t look orange … his hair looked a normal colour … and he didn’t have white patches around his eyes,” she said, conceding good-naturally that he does have tiny hands.

Look, any journalist who’s been in the presence of celebrities has had to reckon with their own rampant thirstiness at some point. You just get the job done, and then confide later to your mates how impossibly beautiful John Boyega / Ruby Rose / Alfie Allen is in the flesh.

It’s just not usually the literally last person on earth that anyone would want to fuck. But Trump and Devine, hey. Match made in heaven. Given that Turnbull unfortunately told Trump that he simply “must visit”, there may yet be time for this love that dares not speak its name to blossom.