Donald Trump Tweeted Miranda Devine’s Email To 87 Million People If You Feel Like Reaching Out

Donald Trump Miranda Devine

Donald Trump has been released from the Walter Reed Medical Center, and for personal reasons, I will not be stating how that makes me feel. However, he was been tweeting like a madman (yes, more than usual) with his brand new steroid brain, and it truly is some fuckery to gawk at.

In his latest little Twitter parade, he completely outed Miranda Devine‘s work email to the entire world, in a thank you post that celebrates the article she wrote about the “bravery of President Trump.” These are truly remarkable times.

Trump took to the social media app to post an entire quote from the article, then for some reason followed it all with her email address?

“Thank you Miranda,” he wrote.

“Was over until the Plague came in from China. Will win anyway!”

Miranda Devine Donald Trump

No word from Devine yet, but it can only be assumed that she wouldn’t really want her email plastered over the internet. And if she doesn’t mind, then it still has to be asked, why the hell did he even do it to begin with.

Since then, he has deleted and reposted the tweet with her handle, but hey, screenshots are forever.

Naturally, this isn’t all that Trump has been doing now that he is out from the good ol’ medical centre. He also made an unnaturally lengthy string of tweets giving people reasons to vote for him. We truly love a bit of steroid brain.

In total there were about 19 tweets of this nature that encouraged people to get voting, and they all still remain on the President’s Twitter for now.

Just hours after Trump was given a dose of the dexamethasone steroid, a drug reserved for those with severe coronavirus symptoms, the President was spotted waving at adoring fans from a car.

Naturally, people thought it was kinda strange that someone getting some pretty serious treatment for a contagious disease would be doing such a thing, but hey, he sure does do what he wants.

I am personally just waiting for the next plot twist in this saga. The writing for this season of 2020 has been exceptional so far.