Donald Trump, Who Is Crook As Shit, Briefly Left Hospital To Wave At Fans From A Car

donald trump

President Donald Trump has given a “little surprise visit” to his fans outside the Walter Reed Hospital and uhh, I don’t think that’s a great idea.

Trump, who is currently hospitalised for what seems like a pretty serious case of coronavirus, took to Twitter on Monday morning to share an update with Americans.

“I also think we’re going to pay a little surprise to some of the great patriots that we have out on the street,” he said in the video. 

Just to reiterate: Trump is currently in hospital because he has tested positive to the highly-contagious coronavirus.

Ahh, do y’all mind if I scream a little bit?!

“I’m not telling anybody but you, but I’m about to make a little surprise visit,” he added.

Shortly after, Trump was seen driving past supporters outside the hospital, briefly waving at them from the car.

It doesn’t look like he left the car or interacted with fans at a close distance, but this is still an incredibly weird flex from a man who is currently receiving some pretty intense medical care.

The video comes just hours after it was confirmed that Trump has been administered at least one dose of the dexamethasone steroid, which is usually reserved for people suffering with more severe coronavirus symptoms.

However, the White House physician Dr Sean Conley remains optimistic that the President could be out of hospital within days.

He concluded the video with a patriotic and, uhh, weird message, asserting that he loves the USA and “what’s happening” right now.

“We love the USA and we love what’s happening, thank you,” he said.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like he actually interacted with anyone and therefore didn’t risk the safety of the general public. But considering he’s on some pretty hefty steroids to keep his lungs working properly, he probably shouldn’t be going on a leisurely drive around the neighbourhood. But hey, I’m not a doctor.