Donald Trump‘s favourite new columnist, Miranda Devine, has blamed the elderly and vulnerable for COVID-19’s impact.

A mere day after Trump included Devine’s email address (???) in a tweet praising him for overcoming the “Chinese virus”, the New York Post columnist hopped on Fox News to kiss his feet some more.

“He has delivered a message of hope, through experience, and he’s sent the message that we can get back to work, that’s what everybody wants,” Devine told Fox News host Dana Perino.

One can only assume that by “message of hope”, Devine means Trump’s latest campaign-style video. The one where Trump, fresh from his stay at Walter Reed Medical Centre, told Americans to not be afraid of the coronavirus.

“I didn’t feel so good and two days ago … I felt great, better than I have in a long time,” Trump said. “Better than 20 years ago. Don’t let it dominate you, don’t let it take over your lives. Don’t let that happen.”

Perhaps he’s even immune, Trump added.

Devine wasn’t finished though, adding, “I think it’s just incredibly selfish of older people, or neurotic people, who are timid and afraid, and won’t come out of their basements, to confine children and young people to miss out on the most important parts of their lives.”


So startling were Devine’s words that even Perino was left momentarily stumped.

Perino asked Devine to clarify her words, to confirm if she really meant to say that they – the older and neurotic people – are being selfish or afraid for wanting to live.

“Yes, I do,” Devine answered.

She then immediately pointed the finger at the people in power, namely the Democrats and presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“I think that people in power that are insisting on keeping the economy shut down, insisting on keeping Americans just as frightened six months ago of the coronavirus, which has receded as a threat, are selfish,” she said.

“That’s an interesting point of view,” Perino concluded before ending the interview.

Devine is no stranger to controversy in Australia, which might make all of this hardly that surprising. But the Americans – well, they’re only just getting used to her.

Image: Fox News