While a mob of Trump supporters storm the US Capitol for an attempted coup, Australian columnist and MAGA lackey Miranda Devine has found the true cause of today’s violence: last year’s Black Lives Matter protests.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday morning, Devine said the protestors – who have smashed their way into the hub of American governance, doused some cops in pepper spray, and taken shithouse selfies in the chamber – were given tacit approval by public demonstrations against racial injustice.

“I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised at what’s happening in the Capitol after the way leftist violence was condoned most of last year,” Devine said.

“You let the genie out of the bottle, there’s no telling where it goes”.

She’s not the only one to pull the same stunt, either. Here’s Daily Telegraph opinion editor James Morrow with his take on it all:

In case the transition to 2021 totally wiped your memory (and the memory of Devine), the Black Lives Matter protests were sparked by the death of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, under the knee of an American police officer.

While many conservative media outlets have squarely blamed demonstrators for violence at those protests, US police forces were responsible for escalating tensions and excessive retaliation.

Protests against racist policing practices were met with even more police, who brutalised peaceful demonstrators and instigated violence across the country.

They even saved a few baton swings for Australian journalists covering the landmark social justice movement.

Elsewhere, a teenage counter-protester stands accused of shooting two Black Lives Matter protesters dead during a skirmish in Wisconsin.

Ignore all of that, Devine reckons. The fact that “leftist” violence was “condoned” is the reason why some dipshits have stormed a federal building in Washington D.C., incensed at Congress’ decision to ratify President-elect Joe Biden‘s win.

Perhaps if Devine herself hadn’t once received a thumbs up from Trump for her sycophantic mewling, she would have clocked the real reason for today’s chaos: Trump’s courtship of far-right thugs, his endless claims of election fraud, and today’s wink-and-a-nod speech calling on supporters to march on the Capitol.

And who could forget Mr Four Seasons Landscaping himself, Rudy Giuliani, today advocating for a “trial by combat”?

We’re hardly a week in, but 2021 still bears all of the hallmarks of 2020, down to conservative Australian commentators ignoring their heroes’ authoritarian dick-stroking and blaming anyone who isn’t a White Trump supporter for public violence.

Image: The Today Show