A Concrete Truck Managed To Derail A Melb Tram & This Is My Excuse For Not Driving In The City

melbourne tram concrete truck collision

In a reminder to never ever fuck with the mighty power of public transport, a Melbourne tram was derailed from its tracks after a collision with a concrete truck.

The collision happened in Melbourne CBD at the intersection of A’Beckett Street and Elizabeth Street at around 10.45am on Friday.

I can only imagine the amount of force it would take to derail a tram off its tracks. This is why the trams say “ding” a billion times when you get too close! It is not a mating call but instead, a warning!

The tram had about 30 people on board at the time of the collision, which is certainly not the best way to start your Friday morning.

Two people had to be taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital: the truck driver and an 80-year-old man on the tram. As reported by 7News, they’re in stable conditions and have non-life-threatening injuries.

The crash means the 19 and 59 trams won’t stop between Brunswick Road and Queen Victoria Market until the scene is all sorted.

Perhaps this is the one and only time catching the bus is a better option than the tram. Pour one out for all the weirdly-motion-sick-on-buses girlies.

This unfortunate collision is of course eerily reminiscent of truck-boshing monster Montague St Bridge. Who can forget when it attempted to take on a concrete-mixer?

Both of these incidents mean I also must ask: why is so much concrete being driven around Melbourne? Surely we can’t need that much concrete!

But I digress.

I can only hope the tram is back on its merry way now, reunited with the tracks it spends all day lovingly caressing. There is truly no greater nor more beautiful bond than a Melbourne tram and its tracks, so please don’t get between them.