It Was So Windy In Melb Last Night That Someone’s Entire Trampoline Just Moved Next Door

melbourne trampoline strong wind extreme weather

Bloody hell Melbourne was a bit breezy last night, wasn’t it? Just really blowing a damn gale out there, making everything not nailed down just flap around like a fish out of water. Apart from feeling like the whole house was going to whiff away like some Wizard Of Oz kinda thing, it was also apparently strong enough to completely relocate big things from peoples’ back yards. Like one bloke’s entire trampoline set up.

Rich Lambert posted up on Twitter on Thursday morning when he woke up after a blustery night and realised that the trampoline that usually resides in his backyard had nipped off to the neighbours instead.

Somehow overnight the wind gusts had hit that trambamboline just right, lifted it up off the ground, cleared the fence clean, and landed itself down next to the trampoline next door, which looks like its twin anyway.

Would you look at that, the gang’s getting back together. Like two members of a trampoline pack finally reuniting in the dead of night.

It’s no surprise that old mate’s backyard bouncer decided to yeet itself over the fence last night – it was predicted that Melbourne was gonna get whipped with 50 to 60km/hr winds overnight, with some gusts getting up to 100km/hr. Bit windy, I’ll tell you that much for free!

The wild weather over the last day or so has also wreaked havoc on other parts of Victoria, not just flinging play equipment over fences. Trees were down all over the place, blocking roads and train lines, and causing the Vic Emergency app to look like absolute chaos.

At the time of writing, the emergency app has 54 warning and 3755 active incidents across Victoria, the SES responded to over 3300 calls overnight (unconfirmed on how many were trampoline-related), and the Taralgon area is currently being urged to evacuate now due to floodwaters rapidly rising.

Far out mates, stay safe out there in Melbourne, and maybe chain your trampoline down tonight.