Two Vehicles In Four Days Hit Montague St Bridge So Is It Developing An Appetite For Cement?

Fearsome, inexhaustible beheader of trucks, buses, campervans and Mr Whippys, the Montague St bridge has struck once again. Or rather the bridge has *been* struck once again.

This time, the vehicle foolish enough to take on our short king the Monty Bridge was a cement mixer. Think about that for one second.

I don’t know really how cement mixers work, because I am not my four year old kid neighbour who is obsessed with them. He’s also obsessed with stomping on my veggie garden but that’s besides the point. I can only assume the swirling pot on the top of cement trucks is the mixer bit and it’s full of cement…right? Right.

So basically what happened today is that god knows how many tons of literal concrete just full on smashed into the bridge. Yet the bridge escaped unharmed, perhaps wiping invisible sweat of his grey, steely brow and joking ‘yeah you should see the other guy’.

Well we *can’t* see the other guy, Monty, because you quite literally fucked this cement mixer up beyond recognition despite the fact that it was a truck full of concrete.

Luckily the cement mixer’s driver is in a stable condition, though Triple M reported they were taken to hospital with upper body injuries.

It’s only been four days since the Montague St bridge claimed its last victim, a campervan last Saturday. The beast’s hunger!! It grows!!!

You know that old saying, build a bridge and get over it? Well in Melbourne we say, build a bridge and smash into it. It’s just a little thing we have.