SCREAMING: Someone Legit Dressed Up As Melbourne’s Montague St Bridge For Oz Comic-Con

Folks, it’s finally happened. An absolute legend has gone and dressed up as Melbourne’s infamous Montague St Bridge at Oz Comic-Con and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

In a photo originally shared by @FakeYarraTrams on Twitter, the phantom bridge cosplayer is seen wearing a “low clearance 3.0m” on their head. Truly incredible scenes.

Someone in the comments section was kind enough to tag the Montague Street Bridge cosplayer who goes by the Instagram handle of @shiitakecosplay.

Regular readers of PEDESTRIAN.TV would know that we’ve been covering the chaos of the Montague Street Bridge for yonks.

Most recently in May, the very hungry caterpillar that is the Montague Street Bridge somehow gobbled up a cement mixer.

It truly has zero chill.

Here’s to many more years of poor urban planning wrecking havoc in Melbourne!