The Bastard Montague St Bridge Has Awoken Again & Peeled A Truck Like A Ripe Banana Last Night

montague st bridge truck

The bitch is back with a ravenous hunger — the Montague St Bridge has claimed another foolhardy victim. It has briefly emerged from a wintery slumber to absolutely decimate a truck that blindly thought it could escape the jaws of the South Melbourne monster.

Monty struck in the darkness of the night on Thursday when a decent-sized truck careened into its grip and was seemingly peeled like an overripe banana.

Bloody hell would you look at that. That truck’s been pared and all you can see is its bones and innards. Monty was truly ruthless this time around.

We’ve been blessed this time around with a shot from either end of Monty’s maws, showing just how wedged that box truck was. It made it in a fair whack which means it was surely going at speed before being splayed bare for all to see.

Let’s be honest, that truck was not going to make it under Monty’s top jaw. It’s seemingly a bit bigger than the hire box trucks that find themselves trapped beneath the Montague St Bridge.

What was this truck thinking? Did it not realise that it was certainly taller than the allowed 3m height limit? Did the driver simply not hear all the clanging and commotion from the good 100m of markers, see the warning signs and flashing lights?

Between this and the cement mixer from last month, let’s hope that Monty resumes its wintery hibernation lest we’re down another dumbass truck who believes it’s smarter than the wisened, cantankerous bridge who simply loves to monch on twisted metal and stubborn rubber.