Melbs’ Montague St Bridge Claims 2 More Victims, Brings Truck Kill Toll To 101

Melbourne‘s Montague Street Bridge has continued its unbelievable streak of bloodthirsty truck consumption, not only managing to claim its 100th vehicle (happy truck death centenary to the bridge) since 2009 but ALSO managing to claim its 101st vehicle in the same fucking day.

Australia‘s hungriest bridge managed to go three entire weeks without destroying something until it doubled down today on vehicular bridgicide. It’s got to be pretty clear by now that there is either something horribly wrong with the bridge or it was partially built with the bones of a murderer.
The How Many Does Days Since The Montague Street Bridge Has Been Hit website has been updated to reflect the current total, which is, of course, zip:
Luckily no one was hurt, so we’re allowed to find this as hilarious as it is, as people on the internet surely did: 

This whole thing seems like a problem that will probably just take care of itself, I’m sure it will never, ever happen again.
Photo: Triple M / Jake Nunn.
Story: The Age.