Montague St Bridge Adds Yet Another Truck To Its Tally Of Rekt Vehicles

We imagine there’s an alternate universe where Melbourne’s Montague Street Bridge is entirely acceptable. A realm where infrastructure doesn’t need to conform to the mores of the transportation that travels through it. A place where 3 metres of headroom is more than sufficient for any vehicle that seeks safe passage. 

Unfortunately, this world is a bit different. Just after 3pm this afternoon, another truck struck the begrudging landmark, allegedly bringing the bridge’s impact-count to a stonking 108. A witness reports seeing the driver power through the first set of warning gantries, before they connected the top tip of the vehicle:

You better believe the parody accounts are having a conniption at this development. Also, the very fact a Montague Street Bridge parody account continues to be relevant is testament to the horrors that low-lying span has inflicted on this fine city:

Y’all heard that one about the definition of insanity, right?

Source and photo: Triple M.