Nearly 30 Injured As Truck Smashes Into Melbourne Tram During Peak Hour

Cleanup crews are attending to the “huge mess” left in the wake of a smash between a truck and a tram at Melbourne’s Royal Park during peak hour earlier this morning, with 29 people requiring treatment for minor injuries.
The crash occurred just before 8:00am this morning at Elliott Avenue, near Melbourne Zoo, and involved a semi-trailer truck carrying a load of soil, and a route 58 tram that was carrying approximately 100 passengers.
The truck slammed into the side of the tram, tipping the truck’s cab over and derailing the tram. There are conflicting reports as to which vehicle had the green light at the known-blackspot intersection at the time.
Ambulance Victoria attended the scene and treated 29 people for minor injuries, with 14 requiring transportation to hospital for further treatment.

The tram, although derailed, appears to have suffered only minor superficial damage to its doors and windows. The bulk of the injuries suffered by passengers appear to have been the result of being flung by the initial impact, as well as from falling glass from broken windows.

Rescue crews are expected to right the up-turned truck at any moment, but the derailed tram is likely to remain at the scene until at least midnight, meaning the busy thoroughfare – a single-lane road that links the Eastern Freeway with the Citylink to the west – will remain disrupted for as much as 10 hours, stretching well into and beyond the afternoon peak hour. Commuters are being urged to seek alternative routes around the scene.
The Elliott Avenue intersection is a known black-spot for tram and vehicle collisions. In January 2015 a tram and a beer truck collided at the exact same spot.
All people hurt in today’s crash are in a stable condition.
Tram services on the 58 have been suspended around the area as the clean up continues.

Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: 3AW Melbourne/Twitter.