National Tragedy – A Tram And A Beer Truck Have Collided In Melbourne

Our poor, beleaguered nation has suffered a lot of tragedy during its short little life, but seldom does something so utterly devastating happen that it strikes at every value we hold dear and rocks the entire population to its very core.

Please, those of you with weak constitutions, I implore you to look away right now. The shock of what you’re about to see may be too much for some. The rest of you, sit down, hold on to something, remember we – as a nation – can get through this, but only if we band together. No one person can suffer this kind of heartbreak alone.
A tram has collided with a beer truck in the Melbourne city fringe suburb of Parkville, derailing the tram…
and spilling kegs absolutely goddamned everywhere.
The collision occurred near Melbourne Zoo and is currently being attended to by clean up crews, who estimate that it’ll take six hours to clear the wreckage.
One woman and the driver of the tram have been transported to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.
The devastation is clear, and palpable.
A warning that the following images contain GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Oh god. I think… I think I’m going to be sick. Those poor, innocent kegs…

No word yet on which pubs the kegs were headed to. We expect a moments silence to be held in bars across the city for their fallen frosty mates later this evening.
As for the rest of you, hug your longnecks, never forget to tell your ales you love them, be there for beer as much as beer is there for you. The fragility of the brewing life is as real as it ever has been today.
But together we can all move on as a nation, one pint at a time.
Photo: 7News via Twitter.