Melbourne Man’s Monday Morning Interrupted By A Casual Monday Sinkhole

Monday mornings are usually fairly rough, but then there’s drive-your-car-into-a-sinkhole rough. That’s the precise level of roughness experienced by one Melbourne man this morning, after his hatchback became partially submerged by a genuine void in the Earth.

[jwplayer tbeEGOCr]

The Age reports a 24-year-old Gardenvale man escaped uninjured after his vehicle was sucked into the maw on Gardenvale Road around 6:20am.

Images from the scene show the vehicle tilted nose-down in the hole, which was apparently formed when a burst water main softened the ground beneath the tarmac.

Australian Traffic Network reports the road has been closed near Magnolia Road. Emergency services are reportedly still at the scene.

It’s not the first time in recent memory the Earth itself has tried to reclaim what mankind has created on its surface. Late last year, an enormous sinkhole materialised (or dematerialised?) in Queensland, essentially sucking a big chunk of Rainbow Beach straight to Hell.

It’s definitely not an Australian, phenomenon, either. Wrap your psyches around the frankly harrowing hellmouth which spawned on a New Zealand farm in May 2018.

Or, if more targeted sinkholes are your jam, cop this sinkhole in Brooklyn which sucked on one man’s leg and not much else in 2017.

Despite these occurrences, you’re probably safe from a similar fate.