Furious Earth Opens Sinkhole To Accept Sacrificial Offering Of Automobiles

Mother Earth is temperamental bitch. Bright and cheery one day, baying for blood the next. And though on far more many days than not she is a purring, placated beast, occasionally she rears up in anger; demanding appeasement for the scorch marks etched into her by man’s uncompromising desire to affront her; thrusting her hand, claws bared, into the sky to strike down those who are so bold as to defy the irrepressible force; and dragging Earthly bounds back down with her, reclaiming the precious minerals once unjustly ripped from her mighty grasp.

She is the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end.
She is the infinite.

A giant sinkhole in Port Melbourne opened up overnight, engulfing several cars and filling the surrounding streets with sand, following what engineers have determined was a burst pressurised water main, causing the residential Liardet Street to flood, with rushing water threatening homes.
Residents awoke early this morning to find their homes suddenly under threat, with State Emergency Services arriving quickly to sandbag homes and assist in removing furniture. Ultimately, three homes were damaged by ankle-deep water, and three cars all-but disappeared into the abyss.
One resident who called into 3AW this morning, explained the horrifying scenes thusly.
My cat was swimming in the backyard.
Fortunate as we are to live in such an age, documentation was summarily done via Twitter.

Fear, dear friends. Mother Earth has awoken…

and it’s feeding time.

Photo: Cameron Baud via Twitter.

via The Age.