Adelaide Woman Attempts To Bung A U-Ey, Finds Car-Eating Sinkhole Instead

It’s bad enough that Adelaide residents have had to deal with an apparently historically shitty Father Sky over the past few days, but it would seem that Mother Earth is frothing for her pound of flesh as well.

The wild weather that’s dumped shedloads of rain on the area and at one point wiped out power for the entire state has reared its vengeful head one more time, this time to claim a humble Suzuki JLX as a sacrifice.
A woman in the Adelaide foothills was attempting a u-turn when a 3 metre deep sinkhole opened up under her vehicle and just about swallowed the car whole.
The incident occurred at about 10:40pm last night on Sunnyside Road in Glen Osmond, situated just south-east of the city’s centre. The sinkhole sports a diameter of roughly 3 metres in width, and police, SES, and local council officials were called in to assess the scene.

SA Police have this morning confirmed that the incident occurred whilst the motorist was attempting a u-turn (not parked as earlier speculation claimed), and that neither the driver nor her passenger were injured, just “a little shaken.”

The car was left in the hole overnight after concerns about nearby trees and power lines, but it is expected to be removed this morning.
Local residents claim the area is littered with old mine shafts, which could have contributed to this particular sinkhole.
The mighty earth, dear friends, she is a hungry, hungry beast.

Source: ABC News.
Photo: The Today Show/Twitter.