Maddeningly Efficient Nation Japan Fixes Fuck-Off Big Sinkhole In Mere Days

While we’re over here watching Donald Trump become President and therefore going backwards rather than actually progressing as a Western society, Japan‘s straight above us being so insanely efficient that they can easily and without fuss fix a major and terrifying sinkhole in less time than it takes me to pick up my dry cleaning (I forget, okay? You’re not my mum.)
An enormous sinkhole appeared in the business district of southwestern Japanese city of Fukuoka, swallowing a huge chunk of the road and therefore rendering the busy city road unusable. 

The sinkhole appeared on November 8th. Contractors and sub-contractors worked around the clock to fill in the sinkhole; then reinstall utilities like electricity, water, sewage, gas and telecommunication lines. 
The sinkhole was gone, and the road was back up and fully functional in less than 6 days. 

Many news sources initially reported that it was fixed in 2 days – this was unfortunately incorrect. It took 4 days to fill in the sinkhole (it would have taken less, but due to the high amount of water consistently entering, it took contractors longer than expected), then it took just less than 2 to reconnect utilities. 
But fuck – 6 days is still madness. If that shit happened in Australia, we’d be looking at months of construction, and train trackwork would happen every single goddamn day until we were old and grey, and we’d legitimately be able to say “back in my day, public transport occasionally came on time!”
Allegedly the sinkhole was caused by underground construction that was happening nearby, for a subway extension. The mayor now says that the affected area is 30 times stronger.
We are just speechless. We are without speech. 
Source: CNN
Photo: Twitter / @YouTiup.