Ginormous Sinkhole The Size Of Two Footy Fields Rips Through Farm In NZ

Remember when Frodo and Sam threw the ring into the lava in Mount Doom while Aragon and the crew attempted to fight off the orc army and then Mount Doom went boom and evil was conquered resulting in the ground to crumble beneath the orcs? Yeah, so that sort of happened again in the form of a massive sinkhole some distance away from Mount Doom in Rotorua, New Zealand.  

A gigantic sinkhole reportedly the length of two footy fields has opened on a Rotorua farm in the north islands after the area received a fierce amount of rain.

The six-storey sinkhole appeared on Sunday but since New Zealand has apparently disappeared from the world map, we’re just learning about it now.

But bloody hell it’s y’huge. Just check out the footage obtained by CBS. 

Feels when you defeat the orcs.

Moving on, people understandably freaked out.

Farm Manager, Colin Tremain told New Zealand’s Newshub TV he didn’t realise how massive the sinkhole was until he clasped eyes on it in daylight. Then he was just pissed off because now he has to work around the monster.

Although, Colin’s pretty used to the ol’ earth-opening-up-and-swallowing-you drama since a lot of sinkholes appear in the area because of degrading limestone beneath the ground’s surface.

Rotorua is also known to boast the classic sinkhole because of its past volcanic history.

Brad Scott from New Zealand’s GNS Science (Geology Geophysics Nuclear) also told Newshub the sinkhole was three times bigger than the ones he’d studied before.

What an excellent country.

Colin has since installed fencing around the massive crack in the earth’s surface so his livestock don’t accidentally take a tumble.

In other NZ news, Tourism New Zealand have come up with a fabulous campaign which includes Prime Minster Jacinda Arden and comedian Rhys Darby to remind international folk that they are in fact a real country and should be included on maps.

If this and a giant sinkhole don’t #GetNZonthemap I don’t know what will.