WATCH: Possessed LA Sinkhole Gobbles Up Two Cars, Is Hopefully Full By Now

Does anyone remember “The Happening? How stupid M. Night Shyamalan’s “nature gets its revenge” twist was? How the only redeeming features were Mother Gaia’s innovative and creative murder weapons?
Yeah well laugh it up chuckleheads, because we finally woke up some low-budget horror Earth demons and they are fucking famished.
A 20ft (6m) deep sinkhole opened up along Laurel Canyon Boulevard in California’s Studio City last Friday night, a result of torrential rain that went on to claim not one but two cars. 
The first driver, an unnamed 48-year-old woman, was found standing on top of her upside-down car 10 ft below street level. Local firefighters soon lifted her out with a ladder, and took her to a hospital in fair condition. 
She later described how, feeling the car pitch to the left, she had tumbled into the sinkhole, when the airbags deployed, water started coming in, and she tried raising the windows. After the initial fall, the woman was able to open the door and climb on top of the car, where she screamed for help.
Luckily, the driver of the second car was able to escape uninjured before it fell. Both vehicles are expected to be removed sometime today (Saturday PST).
Additionally, no one was injured in the accident, so people have been free to marvel at the insane footage and make LA jokes to their hearts’ content.

Now we just see if America can beat Japan’s record-breaking sinkhole clean-up
Or, like old mate Mark Wahlberg, whether this is all the start of something far more terrifying/stupid.
Source: LA Times.
Photo: ABC7.