Watch This Small Car Disappear Into A Massive Sinkhole Like A Butt Plug Unto The Earth’s Anoos

car sinkhole

Video footage of a car being swallowed into a sinkhole and straight-up disappearing is doing the rounds on social media, and it’s not hard to see why. Big car, deceptively big hole. What’s not to love?

The video was taken in Mumbai, India, which has been lashed with heavy rains in recent days. It was posted to Twitter by the Times of India and took off from there.

If you were stressing for the owner of the vehicle returning without a clue what happened to their car, then never fear: the man filming is actually the owner.

Dr Kiran Doshi, 67, told the ANI news agency that he was alerted to his car’s impending misfortune by a man who washes the cars for residents of the apartment building.

“He raises an alarm, after which I rushed to the spot and saw that the car was sinking into the well,” Doshi said, reports the Indian Express. “Then I shot the video.”

As it turns out, the carpark was built over a well. Police think the concrete structure destabilised over the years, and then was completely weakened by the rainfall.”

“Some people covered it with [a] concrete slab & started parking cars over it,” police said. “Incident occurred due to land subsidence following rain. No one injured.”

Except for the car, I suppose. Authorities managed to get it back out with a crane at about 9pm that night, but can you imagine if no one had seen the car disappear? Dr Doshi would have spent the rest of his life thinking someone stole it, never knowing it was eaten by the carpark (that ravenous beast). Lucky turn of events, really.

And a little note on the headline: while it’s funny to imagine the earth sucking a car into its anus for a little sexual gratification, you do NOT want anything you stick into your butt – plug or otherwise – to go all the way in. That’s when you need a doctor to get it all the way back out. Make sure your toy has a lip on it, and you should be okay.