There’s A Sinkhole At The White House & Nope, Nothing Prophetic About That

Call it weirdly ironic, call it prophetic, call it the work of the god of the underworld slowly seeping to the mortal realm to reclaim his half of a deal made with *someone* who lives there. Whatever the case, there’s a sinkhole on the lawn of the White House, and it’s slowly getting bigger.

White House correspondents first identified and reported the sinkhole earlier this week, after it appeared on the North Lawn of the Presidential residence, just outside the press briefing room and the office of deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley‘s office.

White House groundstaff has responded to the clear and present danger by putting a couple of witches hats and some caution tape around the ever-growing maw of the earth.

Washington D.C. recorded the wettest mid-May week on record last week, with eight straight days of rain recorded, which saw around 155mm of rain fall across the D.C. area. The Potomac River, which runs through the American capital, rose to its highest level in four years.

This amount of rain almost certainly accounts for the appearance of the sinkhole. But that certainly hasn’t stopped other theories from baring weight.

And, of course, the dang thing has its own sentient Twitter account already. Of course.

Of course.

Weird thing is, this sinkhole is being reported exactly one year to the day after a similar but larger sinkhole opened up directly in front of President Trump’s Mar a Lago estate in Florida.

That can’t be prophetic at all.

Nope. No possible way.