QLD Beach Perforated By The Surprise Appearance Of A Fuck-Off Big Sinkhole

Another day, another news story about the armies of hell slowly clawing their way at the flimsy barrier between the dominion of the lord satan and our blissfully unaware existence on the surface: a sinkhole measuring around 7.5 metres in depth has spontaneously appeared near Inskip Point, just north of Rainbow Beach in Queensland.

This is not the first time in recent history that this has happened. A huge one opened up in a spot just nearby in September of 2015, swallowing a car, a caravan, a camper trailer, and a bunch of tents.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

Rainbow Beach Helicopters posted photo and video of the new sinkhole to Facebook this morning, and it is not small:

It’s a bit big hey:

It’s believed that the hole appeared overnight