Macca’s Is Slinging 50c Big Macs This Friday, Which By My Calculations Is A Fkn Bargain

macca's big mac 50c mcdonald's

Hold onto your golden arches friends, because Macca’s is about to spice up the next three months with some ridiculous fkn bargains. The first of which has a little something to do with Big Macs, and it’s all in celebration of Macca’s 50th Anniversary.

Starting from Friday 18th June, Macca’s will be launching three weeks worth of “never-before-seen promotions, menu items and unique collaborations” as its way of celebrating 50 years down under. Promotions will be weekly and will all centre around the MyMacca’s app, so get downloading.

The first huge promo, which also launches on Friday, is that Big Macs will cost a mere 50c. Yep, you read that right. Mere pocket change. Whip out the ol’ dodecagonals and you’ll be met with some delicious burgers for dirt fkn cheap.

The only catch is that you’ll have to order the cheap as chips Big Macs through the MyMacca’s app. There’ll be plenty more deals in the future, in case Big Macs aren’t your thing, so just hold tight and trust that the golden arches have a plan for us.

“We are extremely proud to be celebrating 50 years of providing great tasting food and supporting our customers, people and communities in Australia,” said Andrew Gregory, CEO of Macca’s Australia, in a press release.

“We are firm believers in the quality and taste of Australian homegrown produce and have always been and remain committed to our local suppliers and supporting more than 15,000 Aussie farmers annually.”

One of the first Macca’s restaurants in Australia, look at it standing there all pretty.

The first Macca’s restaurant to grace Australia opened its doors way back in 1971, which is why 2021 makes 50 years of post-night-out feeds and Happy Meal toys that I wish I still kept around.

According to Macca’s, since opening up in Australia, they’ve sold over 1.1. billion big macs, 1.9 billion cheeseburgers and 1.4 billion fries. I am proud to have contributed the entire 0.4 on that fries statistic.

If you need me I’ll be at my local Macca’s ready to snatch up a cheap as fk Big Mac. Come say hi, we can trade old Macca’s toys or something.