A TikToker Perfectly Recreated Macca’s Holy Sweet And Sour Sauce & It’s Like Looking At God

how to make sweet and sour sauce tiktok

Friends, gather round, because the ultimate TikTok recipe is here and it is about to blow you and your nugget-loving pants away. Introducing a surefire way to make incredible Macca’s sweet and sour sauce from home. I’m in heaven.

Say hello to your new best friend, trained chef and YouTube star Joshua Weissman, who goes by @flakeysalt on TikTok. He makes hilarious food videos that blend memes with fire recipes. Is his content an eccentric rollercoaster? Yes. But is he also one of the best cooks on TikTok and YouTube? Absolutely.

In his most recent video, Weissman takes on the tough task of recreating the McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce that we all love so dearly with our tender nugs.

There’s just something about the Macca’s sweet and sour sauce that blends a whole world of flavours into one incredible concoction that goes so perfectly with nuggets. The fact that I can now whip up my own? Possibly make an entire jar full of it? The game has been changed.

In the video, Weissman uses ingredients like apricot jam, peach preserve, vinegar, paprika and onion powder to form his godly creation.

You can have a gander at all the steps (and the finished product) in the TikTok vid below.


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♬ original sound – Joshua weissman

If that isn’t enough to satisfy your desires to recreate an entire Macca’s trip without leaving the house, then Weissman also has a few other vids up his sleeve that may colour your arches golden.

Introducing a recipe to make the perfect soft-serve ice cream. Now, while this TikTok video isn’t trying to recreate the Macca’s staple, it still promises to sent us to the clouds with a sweet vanilla kick.

I’m fkn lovin’ it on this guy’s channel, I’ll tell you what.

Take a look at the secrets to a perfect soft serve right here.


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♬ original sound – Joshua weissman

Naturally, there are also other incredible cooking vids on this guy’s channel if that’s more your style, from massive fkn pretzels to the most perfect duck breast you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

If you need me I’m gonna be hauling 20 nuggets over to my house as I attempt to whip up my own special sweet and sour blend.