Burger Fiends & Bun Queens, Macca’s Is Slinging 50c Cheeseburgers For Just One Day Only

Put a reminder in your calendar ‘cos Macca’s is doshing out 50 cent cheeseburgers for one day only. Methinks fuck yes.

That’s right my hungry pals. On Wednesday April 6th you can score yourself a delicious Macca’s cheeseburger treat for half a dollar. Let fancy take hold of you and indulge those cheesy, burger-y cravings.

But you have to get in quick: the offer is limited to the first 350,000 cheeseburgers sold and it’s only one per customer. So no hoarding the Macca’s cheeseburgers and selling them for ten times the retail price on Facebook Marketplace.

You can only score the deal on the MyMacca’s app which you can use in store, for takeaway or in the drive-thru. Follow your heart I say.

“As part of our commitment to providing great value food, we are excited to offer our popular cheeseburger for 50 cents, for one day only,” said Macca’s marketing manager Tobi Fukushima.

“Customers will now earn MyMacca’s Rewards points when they purchase the 50-cent cheeseburger, which can be redeemed against some of our most iconic menu items.”

Yep, with every dollarydoo you spend at Macca’s you’ll score 100 points. Perhaps you can treat yourself with a frozen coke to go with your 50 cent Macca’s cheeseburger?

If the cheeseburger isn’t enough to satiate your hungry ‘lil tum Macca’s is also launching a limited edition deluxe chicken range on April 6 too. One for all the pollotarians out there perhaps.

The range includes two news faves: the Double Deluxe Burger and the Chicken Deluxe Share Pack. My mouth is watering already.

The burger features two grilled or crispy chicken breasts with lettuce, tomato, creamy aoilo and Aussie Double Jack cheese. Fkn yum.

The Chicken Deluxe Share Pack is deffo one for your next movie night. It has chicken McPieces, chicken McNuggets, chicken McBites and Spicy Sticky BBQ sauce. Well cover me in Spicy Sticky BBQ sauce and roll me down a hill, that sounds bloody tasty.

The Bacon Chicken Deluxe is also returning for a limited time. Godspeed.

So if that tempts your tongue you can skedaddle on down to Macca’s on Weds April 6. Perhaps top it off with a Dairy Milk McFlurry? Live your dreams my friends.