Macca’s Revealed Its Top-Ordered Items Of 2021 & Turns Out Nuggets Had A Worse Year Than Us

Macca’s has released its top selling items of the last year and somehow the humble nugget failed to take the top spot, in a frank offence to hungover people across the nation.

That’s right, those crispy little temptresses came in at a lowly fourth place, which has left me truly baffled.

Surely it’s impossible to go to Macca’s and NOT order a six pack of nuggets on the side? Let’s be honest, they’re basically a condiment at this point.

But clearly, the Australian public feels differently, because coming in top of the list was the classic cheeseburger.

Now, let it be known, I have no qualms about a cheeseburger.

In fact, I have great respect for the gentle grease of the meat patty, the tang of the pickle and lettuce, the supple, sweet buns.

It’s a noble winner, there’s no doubt. But is it a deserving one?

Looking into our heart of hearts, there’s one menu that’s there for us all through thick and thin and that, my friends, is the nugget. Unless you don’t like chicken, in which case, fair enough.

Clearly though the cheeseburger fans are out there and they are powerful.

In second place was the hashbrown, which honestly makes perfect sense. I don’t know what they do to those little golden ovals of joy, but there’s clearly some special mystery ingredient in the batter that cures all ills.

There’s no food that soaks up leftover alcohol better and I, for one, am thankful to the Macca’s gods for sharing that magic with us humble mortals.

In third was the Big Mac. The Big Mac, as a food, has incredible third place energy. It’s steady, it’s reliable, it’s a bit of the treat.

You don’t always go for it, but when you do, you think to yourself “wow, I should get Big Macs more often”.

Then though, you forget, and when the golden arches loom and the crackly speaker demands your order you default back to your classic: a nugget meal and a frozen coke.

Finally, the fifth best selling products was the cappuccino. Weirdly, this is not a product that immediately comes to mind when I conjure the Macca’s menu that lives in my brain rent free.

That being said, though, the combination of a Macca’s cappuccino, a couple of hashbrowns and a nugget or two?

Breakfast of champions.

So, as we’re coming to the end of this year, I’m taking a stand. At the end of 2022, I want to see nuggets at the top of the bestseller list.

And Australia, I think if we work together, we can make something really special happen.

Calling it now: 2022 is the nugget’s time to shine.