Don Your Best Dacks ’Cos Macca’s Has Gussied Up A Dessert Classic With This Cadbury McFlurry

macca's cadbury mcflurry dairy milk limited edition

Just when we thought the creamy, vanillary ceiling had been reached, Macca’s has treated us to another limited edition McFlurry. This time the golden arches has collaborated with the choccy lords at Cadbury for a truly elite sweet snack.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry does exactly what it says on the lid. It combines the best of both worlds: creamy Macca’s soft serve with choccy sauce swirled through and Cadbury milk chocolate flakes sprinkled on top.

This McFlurry is really for those of us who like the finer things in life with minimal fuss. No outrageous bells and whistles trying to impress us — and complicate the flavours — just the classic and deeply beloved combo of milk chocolate and creamy vanilla soft serve.

dairy milk mcflurry limited edition macca's

It’s almost like a more adult version of the ultimate dessert: a bowl of ice cream with Magic Ice on top.

The limited-edition dessert slots in nicely with the bog-standard M&M Minis and Oreo McFlurrys (McFlurries?) on the menu and also comes in at a very tidy $5.45 a pop. Not bad for a little Friday arvo snack if you’re sniffing after a little sugary pick-me-up when you’re absolutely flagging.

If this has tickled you in the right ways, you can nab yourself a limited edition Dairy Milk McFlurry from Macca’s via Uber Eats right now. Don’t worry if that’s simply not an option for you — the delicious little pot of yum will be available from your local Macca’s from Wednesday April 6 for a limited time only.