Axed NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham Hits Out At Pauline Hanson In A Brutal FB Post

Mark Latham has been axed as NSW’s One Nation leader in what the MP dubs a “bizarre” takeover by federal leader Pauline Hanson.

According to a Facebook post shared by Latham on Monday, he was ousted from the job “without consultation or due process” on August 9.

Senator Pauline Hanson used the national executive powers of One Nation to take over our NSW branch,” he wrote.

“She has installed her own new State Executive with people from Queensland and Tasmania who did not lift a finger to help us during the March election campaign.”

Latham — who was only four years into an eight-year term as leader — added that “the decision to try to abolish the position of NSW One Nation parliamentary leader is bizarre” and claimed it “mirror[ed] something the Greens do in the NSW Parliament.”

I guess you could say he’s asking if someone could “ploise exploin” WTF is going on.

A spokesperson for Hanson later confirmed to the Sydney Morning Herald that the party has a new NSW executive, of which Latham is not a member.

“I can confirm that the party’s national executive has resolved to form a new NSW state executive for the party. That state executive has been in place since the 9th of August this year and that includes, on the executive, senator Pauline Hanson,” the spokesperson said.

“The national party’s national executive has decided to declare vacant the position of NSW state parliamentary leader.”

They also said the national executive of One Nation will be tasked with taking “a comprehensive review of the party’s organisation in NSW”.

“In particular with respect to future campaigns and the relationship between the party organisation in NSW and the NSW parliamentary wing of the party,” they noted.

However, Latham, 62, denies this, suggesting in his post that Hanson pushed him out in order to take over the NSW division’s upper house vote.

“Hanson’s sole justification for this takeover is our upper house vote, which fell by 1% in March. Yet our 6% result was still 2% ahead of the NSW Senate result last year in a campaign Hanson herself headed,” he said.

“In Queensland, Hanson’s Senate vote fell by 3% and she only just scrapped in for re-election. If she is worried about under-performance, her best solution is to buy a mirror.” Ouch.

Latham’s ousting comes after it was revealed in May that NSW Police were investigating him for posting a totally fucked tweet that appeared to target openly gay Independent MP Alex Greenwich.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Latham.

Images: Getty Images (Sam Mooy/Lisa Maree Williams)