Mark Latham Confirms He’s Found Rock Bottom By Joining One Nation

Disgraced former Labor Party leader Mark Latham has appeared alongside Pauline Hanson to announce he’s joined One Nation as the party’s leader in NSW.

Confirming yesterday’s speculation about the move, Latham spilled the news on the radio show of his cookbook collaborator Alan Jones, and on breakfast television. Nothing better than peering at those two mugs while chowing down on Weet-Bix, folks.

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As you’d reasonably expect, Latham reaffirmed his commitment to shunning political correctness. As a casual reminder, that habit of voicing the rankest opinions possible saw him lose his gig on Sky News’ Outsiders, a show dedicated to airing cooked viewpoints. 

When questioned by Today Show host Karl Stefanovic on One Nation’s habit of alienating even the most cooked of units, Hanson declared that she wouldn’t keep the reins on Latham. Good-o.

Latham’s team-up with Hanson comes after his voice appeared in One Nation robocalls earlier this year. Obviously, those calls served as a grim harbinger of things to come.

The NSW state election will go down in March next year. Given One Nation’s penchant for jettisoning its members, he might not even last until then.