Mark Latham Dogged Pauline Hanson On Live TV After Six Hours In One Nation

Well this is going well.

Mere hours after being rolled out by Pauline Hanson as the new NSW leader of One Nation, wine-and-beef smelling family court Dad Mark Latham has managed to completely stand up his new political colleague on live TV.

[jwplayer CwUqv6Y6]

After doing the rounds of early morning breakfast TV, Latham and Hanson were set to appear on Studio 10 this morning just after 10am.

But by 10:30, the interview still hadn’t gone to air.

It wasn’t until 10:49am that Hanson finally took her seat at the panel for the segment, despite that fact that Latham was absolutely nowhere to be found.

In a completely wondrous piece of footage, the Studio 10 left Latham’s chair completely empty – down to the glass of water on the desk – as a clearly furious Hanson floundered under questioning from panellists.

This is absolutely unbelievable stuff. Imagine getting dunked on that hard by Joe Hildebrand of all people. The TV equivalent of Crocs. Just completely driving you into the dirt. Unfathomable.

Officially, One Nation are allegedly asserting Latham was double booked and was conducting an interview at the ABC at the time of his planned Studio 10 interview. Which is a remarkable claim given that that would mean he simply did not tell Hanson, his new boss, about it.

But even more remarkably, anecdotal evidence from passersby puts Latham at a coffee shop around the corner from Network Ten’s Pyrmont studios in Sydney some 30 minutes prior to the interview going to air.

Even more remarkably, Hildebrand and Studio 10 cameras managed to catch up with Latham outside the building *NEXT DOOR* to Ten’s offices (which is the 2GB building, and is definitely not the ABC building), where Latham’s reps steadfastly denied any knowledge of the interview booking, leaving Latham to look like he’s been struck in the face with a hefty fish.

Once more, with feeling.

One the job for less than 6 hours and already fucked it this hard. It boggles the mind.

Can’t wait for Latham to cite the politics of Pope Pius V or someshit in explaining away this one.