Leyonhjelm Confirms He’s Keen To Leave The Senate For A Crack At NSW Politics

Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm, who is mostly known for being a pest, has confirmed reports that he is keen to jump ship from the Senate for a tilt at New South Wales politics.

A gossipy bit in the Sydney Morning Herald alleged that Leyonhjelm – who is currently embroiled in a defamation dispute with fellow senator Sarah Hanson Young – was keen to quit the Senate in February in time for the NSW state election.

The Guardian‘s liveblog followed up on those remarks by shooting Leyonhjelm a text. The senator, who is not known for beating around the bush, confirmed that it is “likely” he’ll make the move. “Still a few variables to consider but if everything falls into place I will be going to NSW LC,” he said. (LC means Legislative Council, for those wondering.)

There you have it: if all goes to plan, Leyonhjelm will be NSW’s problem rather than the entire country’s. There’s no word on why he’s planning this move, though it’s plausible that he doesn’t like his chances of re-winning his seat at the next election, which is sure to be close behind the NSW state election.

Then there’s just the question of who would fill that vacancy from the Lib Dems. Before you suggest: no, it probably won’t be Mark Latham, who left the party a few months ago.