The Iconic Aussie Lamb Ad Is Back And This Time It Pokes Fun At Both Boomers *And* Gen Z

The iconic annual lamb ad is back and this year it tackles the issue of the “generation gap” by poking fun at… well, everyone.

The new commercial went to air yesterday and sees Gen Z, baby boomers and those in between put aside their differences and come together for, you guessed it, a classic Aussie barbecue.

In the ad, baby boomers are just handed keys to brand new houses (it’s buy one get one free) as they walk around with their phone torches on, whereas Gen Z are living in high rises across a physical gap.

Also featuring are millennials, who debate whether or not they are still cool, and Gen X, who debate their relevance entirely.

Lamb-bassador Sam Kekovich featured in the ad as he has since its inception 20 years ago, where he is mistaken by Gen Z for John Howard.

Speaking on Today, Kekovich said that there was more that united generations than divided them.

“It is a satirical look at the generational gap that’s supposedly prevalent in our society,” he said.

“If you look at pop culture, they will have you believe Boomers can’t handle technology, Gen Z spend all their time creating dances for TikTok and the poor Millennials spend all their dough eating avo on toast and craft beer.”

He said things that unite generations include iconic sporting heroes, beautiful landscapes and “the one constant that is always present, the iconic Australian barbecue”.

Watch the ad in full here: